These requirements are provided to ensure a successful event. Please contact with any additional information or changes.

  1. A wireless lavaliere microphone with fresh batteries, and a back-up microphone, just in case. The introducer will need a separate microphone.
  2. On occasion, Andrea will need a Power Point projection system and screen, viewable to one side of the stage to allow Andrea to move across the stage without interfering with visibility of the screen. Andrea will bring her program on a laptop or memory stick, depending on your needs. She also needs a remote.
  3. For certain presentations, Andrea enters and exits to music so will need a playback system and tech to run it. She will provide the CD.
  4. A stage wash, instead of spot light, is preferred. House lights should be up so participants can see the speaker, without interfering with the screen if Power Point is being used.
  5. Please make sure a tech is available to assist Andrea before and during the presentation. Andrea will be at the site to do a sound check at least one hour prior to her program.
  6. Please provide a riser for larger groups so that Andrea is easily visible. The front of the platform should be no more than 10 feet from the front row of the audience to increase audience engagement.
  7. Andrea prefers a podium be available as she uses props that she keeps out of sight until they are needed.
  8. For keynotes, theater seating is preferred in a modified crescent or V shape, with aisles on either side of the center of the stage. Please ensure that audience members are encouraged to sit in the front rows if there are more seats than audience members. For workshops, classroom seating is fine.
  9. For meal events, seating in rounds is preferred, with no seating where the audience would have its back to the speaker. Please stagger the tables and put them close enough together to increase engagement, but far enough apart to ensure comfort. Please ensure that all audience members can easily see the front of the room.






Contact Andrea at
or 602‑769‑3674