You might not want to admit it – the fact that you have stage fright.

  • Maybe the idea of standing on stage to give a speech leaves you sweaty, shaky, and with brain freeze.
  • Perhaps you’re a professional who needs to make presentations but you avoid it because you dread it so much.
  • Or, maybe you’re already speaking, but you’d rather have a root canal because you’re so uncomfortable (and don’t want anyone to know).

Here’s the thing – everyone struggles sometimes.

But, I have to tell you, with the right support and tools, you can free yourself from stage fright and become the powerful presenter you want and need to be to succeed in your business or your career.

“I discovered I truly do have something to share with the world! I loved finding and sharing my core message with confidence. And now I’m able to turn the nerves into excitement and focus on my audience. Putting my amygdala in check has been enormously helpful!”

Desi Whitney
Senior Vice President, HPN Global

“My paramount goal was to be able to speak without nervousness. If you’re afraid to speak, you’re only partly living. You’re not sharing. I compare that to working as an architect and never passing your licensing exam – it’s up there. After working with Andrea, now I can do that. Andrea makes people feel comfortable so it’s easier to delve into it. She also taught me quick techniques to pull my speech together and say it in my own words – that’s important to me. Now I’m much more engaged with everyone around me.”

Clint Miller
Architect AIA

I’ve overcome stage fright, and I’ve worked with clients who also experienced stage fright and have now stepped into their own power and are reaping the benefits.

Being able to speak comfortably is an essential skill. Your ability to express yourself clearly and confidently contributes to a perception of credibility, believability and trustworthiness, and that is no small thing. The confidence you feel not only impacts your speaking, but every other area of your life. So, not only do you not want to be left out, no one else wants to miss out on you – your skill, expertise and inspiration!

With my Stage Fright to Stage Free! programs, you will learn:

  • How to feel less self-conscious
  • How to calm yourself when everyone’s eyes are on you and you’re afraid you’re going to fail
  • How to prepare your material so you feel confident in what you’re going to say
  • How to use powerful mental/emotional tools to minimize your stage fright symptoms
  • How to manage yourself and your audience to feel confident and ready to speak

Yes, you can be inspiring and not feel terrified to speak on stage or anywhere else!

“Andrea’s Stage Fright to Stage Free program provided a lot of practical ideas to help overcome any hint of fear. I especially loved the relaxation breathing technique she gave us, which I plan to use not only before speaking, but even before I go into some client meetings. I enjoyed the accessibility of the program, both live and recorded, and gained a lot of clarity from the examples she gave. The real-life situations given through attendees’ participation and stories really helped bring the information home. It was like a confidence implant!”

Ann Videan, APR
Videan Unlimited

Are you ready to move past stage fright and step into your speaking power?

I have a couple of ways of working with my clients – one-on-one and v