What is your brand? It is your promise. It is the overall impression your customers and potential customers have of your organization. It incorporates all the ways you “touch” your customers through marketing, sales, public relations, customer relations, product/service delivery and more. It is who and what you are in the eyes of your customer. It’s essential to craft your brand consciously and purposefully and integrate it into everything you do. Andrea Beaulieu helps you identify and communicate your brand by focusing on these critical elements:

Identify and Leverage Your Brand Archetype
What is your brand soul? Your brand substance? Your brand differentiation? One of the most powerful means we have to communicate our brand and create that important relationship of meaning and value with our clients and customers is through a brand archetype. An archetype is a collection of forms and images that evokes strong emotions and connections. Archetypes are universal symbols that speak to us on every level. The hero, the jester, the explorer. When we select a brand, we are, in some way, communicating who we are. This process elevates your brand in the minds and hearts of your community. We work together to identify your brand archetype and bring it to life through your language and images, in your sales and marketing efforts. During this three-phase program we will:

  1. Create a written snapshot of your ideal client’s experience and perception through a personal coaching process with you, phone interviews with five key clients, and interviews with five key employees, vendors and/or community supporters. We are looking for brand soul, brand substance, and brand differentiation – how your brand shows up. This will help us in creating a marketing branding statement and your brand story.
  2. Determine your brand archetype and develop your brand story. We will identify your “beyond cliché” brand descriptors that target ideal clients, identify your brand archetype that will guide your marketing decisions, and develop an initial brand story that incorporates creation, personal and client success stories. This brand story will reflect your purpose, your values, your mission, the story of how you got started and why, your highest perceived value and promise. This brand story will incorporate a client success story and may be used in business, sales and marketing vehicles. It will represent you to your market and provide an important anchor for your team.
  3. Prepare you and your team with the tools to network and conduct a business pitch/sales conversation. We will develop an enhanced introductory pitch, and a business pitch and/or sales conversation incorporating success stories, and refine and rehearse the conversation. These tools go beyond communicating what you do – they differentiate you with the “why,” which is essential in creating your brand. You can use this pitch as part of your networking meetings, your sales conversations, your marketing vehicles and other opportunities. It focuses on the essence of what you provide, to whom, and is congruent with your brand story.

“As a result of going through Andrea’s strategic branding process, I have a much better idea of how each of my team members thinks about our value. Being together and coming up with collective ideas was great — I loved interacting and thinking outside of the box. We are now better at articulating what differentiates us, and that is key to our success! ”

– Mary Holman, Executive Vice President
Director of Private Banking, National Bank of Arizona

“Andrea is a terrific presenter, and also has the ability to assist great leaders to develop and convey great messages. She facilitated a Shea Group session of C-level executives and provided the building blocks to create powerful stories that communicate each of our stories and personal brands.”

Gayle Pincus
Social Enterprise Catalyst

Beyond Cliché Brand Descriptors
Brand descriptors are those words we use to describe what we do. The problem is, we can get in the habit of using the same old words – clichés that don’t really describe what we do. We don’t dig deep enough to uncover what really makes us different and compelling. Through a structured process, you identify what language most describes the value and results you bring to your clients – the key to creating powerful, effective marketing and sales materials and presentations.

Enhanced Introductory Pitches
Elevator Speech: The typical “elevator speech” tells a client what you do, but that is not enough to create a relationship. To create real int