What is the value of credibility, trustworthiness and real connection when you are delivering a message to your team? Your peers? Your stockholders? Your donors? What is the risk if these are not present? This is the ROI of knowing what you want to say and saying it brilliantly.

What if every time you spoke you were confident, relaxed, and purposeful?

What would it mean to you if you knew exactly how to share your message to motivate and persuade your audience to take action?

How would you feel if your audience couldn’t wait to hear you speak because they knew they would walk away educated, inspired and entertained?

Andrea Beaulieu is a professional speech coach who creates the structure and environment for you to find and deliver your authentic voice so you can share it brilliantly with your audience. She saves you time and energy by coaching you to craft and deliver a speech you will be proud of and will resonate with your audience.

No matter what your previous speaking experiences have been, Andrea coaches you to successfully do the thing most people would rather die than do – speak in public!

“I was amazed at how Andrea drew ideas, information and stories out of me and helped me put them together into a coherent, entertaining 10-minute speech. When I gave my speech in front of 400 of my peers, I had them rolling in the aisles with one of the stories we worked on. And even though I don’t get that nervous, being prepared and feeling good about my speech helped me feel even more confident. I was surprised at how much of a difference this made, and I know I will take what I learned into all my future presentations and won’t hesitate to hire her again. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone who wants to deliver a powerful speech that gets the job done.”

Marty De Rito
CEO, De Rito Partners, Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona

You learn to:

  • Experience the transformation available to you to be a powerful speaker with that elusive quality of “stage presence,” make a real difference in the lives of everyone you lead and feel great doing it.
  • Focus on what your audience needs to hear and craft your message to inspire confidence, commitment and action.
  • Structure your speech with an attention-grabbing open, powerful content and stories, and an inspiring close.
  • Discover your authentic “secret sauce” and bring it to life.
  • Gain the tools to move from stage fright to stage free.
  • Learn the trade secrets performers use to inspire, uplift and engage.
  • Create a real connection with your audience through creative expression and emotional engagement techniques.
  • Have a conversation with your audience by being yourself on purpose.
  • Find the humor in your stories to delight your audience and enjoy yourself!
  • Know what to do before, during and after your speaking engagement to prepare for and experience success.
  • Clarify, organize and refine your message for targeted focus.
  • Balance factual content with the drama of storytelling to amplify your points.
  • Inject emotional connections and theatrical techniques into your speech to engage your audiences while tapping into your natural style and strengths.
  • Take advantage of powerful “nonverbals” – vocal delivery, eye contact, silence, and use of space – for maximum attention and connection.
  • Understand how to move from the written to the spoken word and create those ever-elusive transitions.

“What I have gained from Andrea’s coaching is that leaders must communicate effectively in order to inspire others. You can have the right words but if the delivery is weak your message is lost. You can have a good delivery but use the wrong words. Andrea has taught me to combine the message with a powerful delivery. People who speak with confidence and deliver in a conversational style move others beyond the message itself. Andrea taught me how to keep the listener engaged so they do not ‘tune me out.’ I believe I am seen as a stronger leader now that I have mastered the stage. A great orator matched with authentic actions is unstoppable.”

– Pam Gaber
CEO, Gabriel’s Angels Phoenix, Arizona

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