Live Group Coaching Program For Continuing Clients

You know your stuff.

You also have enough experience to know there’s a lot more to engaging your audience than just having a platform and a microphone.

You know that to be a credible, trustworthy, inspiring speaker requires learning how to develop and employ that captivating quality of stage presence, power and purpose.

Okay, so how?

andreaFortunately, you’re in the right place. I’m excited to offer my live, group coaching program to help you tap into your magical inner speaker and shine! You can be better than 99 percent of the other speakers out there, because here’s what I know:

When you release the magic of you – your stage presence, power and purpose – you become a more confident, impactful speaker and a stronger leader on and off the stage.

I’ve trained thousands of people to tell their story, develop their presentations and deliver their speeches powerfully from their authentic voice. I didn’t learn how to do this from a book (though I’ve read a zillion of them). I’ve walked this path as a professional speaker and performer. You’ll learn from my mistakes, and my successes, and benefit from the powerful dynamic that happens when a group of committed people comes together to learn and grow together.

Release the Magic of You — Your Stage Presence, Power and Purpose!

Over the course of six months, through individual coaching and group support, you will:

  • Work on your own presentation, whether it’s a keynote, business pitch or story, and refine it so it is novel, engaging and relevant for your audience – no one size fits all!
  • Receive specific teachings on the topics of your choice which might include persuasion, sales conversations, introductions, opens and closes and many more
  • Understand how to move from the written to the spoken word and create those ever-elusive transitions
  • Get comfortable using speaking tools like power point, the lectern and the microphone
  • Make sure your body language matches what you intend to communicate
  • Bring your speech to life by injecting emotional connection and theatrical techniques
  • Rehearse “having a conversation” with your audience by being yourself on purpose
  • Discover your authentic “secret sauce” and bring it to life
  • Gain knowledge and expertise in a number of communication vehicles by observing and participating in the work of your group partners
Here’s the program:
  • Six two-hour coaching sessions, once a month for six months, in a live group format
  • A monthly Q&A phone session in between coaching sessions to address your questions or concerns
  • A make-up group coaching session in case you miss one

And, as a bonus, you receive an individual laser-coaching session with me.

You receive 20 hours of education, coaching expertise and peer support to release your authentic magic and magnify your stage presence, power and purpose!

Here’s what I love: this group is limited to no more than five participants. I want to make sure you get a significant amount of individual coaching time and group support.

Your investment: You’ve come this far. You’ve made the investment in your speaking. To encourage you to take the next step, I’ve created a financial program that is very favorable. Let’s talk!

It’s easy to waste time, energy and money doing this on your own. I’m doing my best to make this a no-brainer decision because I love working with people individually and in groups, and I’d love to help you continue to enhance your speaking chops!

About Andrea — Why Am I Teaching This?

andrea-headshotFor the past decade, I’ve been coaching C-level executives, nonprofit leaders, professional speakers, entrepreneurs, authors, corporate directors, sales professionals, university professors and students – people from varied professions and walks of life. They come to me to learn how to speak, do presentations and tell their stories.

Most often, when they hire me, they’ve reached a point in their careers when they need to go to the next level as a speaker or presenter and they don’t know how to get there. Their success — even their jobs — depends on it. What I’ve learned is that knowing how to present your ideas clearly, with conviction and enthusiasm, is no longer optional. It’s essential.

I’ve spent more than three decades as a performing artist, writer, marketing and public relations professional, and corporate and nonprofit executive. I’ve spoken professionally in front of thousands of people and performed in front of millions, including the Super Bowl halftime show and the Indianapolis 500. I can help you become the confident, engaging and powerful presenter you want to be and have a great time doing it!

Wondering if it’s a good fit for you? Email me at

“Andrea met me where I was. I loved the creative process of working with ideas as they were presented and continually refining them to make them better. It was non-threatening and quite fun! My ideas and thoughts never felt judged or dismissed. I started out with a goal – to learn to speak comfortably. What I didn’t expect was how much I would grow personally. I am much more confident speaking in all situations, and now I have tools I can transfer to many differen