As a speech coach and story performance and presentation skills coach, Andrea helps you access your authentic voice to tell your story using creative expression and emotional connection techniques that inspire action.

Learn how to tell your organization’s story so your clients, customers and audiences will get it. Andrea teaches how to inject the emotional connection and theatrical techniques that great actors use to engage and entertain their audiences, into your stories so you have the greatest opportunity to effectively connect with your audience.

Andrea’s dynamic strategies for success can take you to a higher level through customized, one-on-one or group performance coaching:

  • Clarify, organize and refine your message for targeted focus.
  • Enhance your natural style and leverage your strengths.
  • Take advantage of powerful “nonverbals” – vocal delivery, dress, eye contact, silence, and use of space – for maximum audience attention and connection.
  • Create balance in factual content and storytelling to amplify your points.

“Andrea’s performance coaching helped me to take a good story and make it great. Her insight and suggestions helped me tap into the essence of the message and deliver it with maximum impact.”

Michelle May, M.D.

For Nonprofit Professionals

In this competitive fundraising arena, it’s not enough for an organization’s leadership to simply convey the facts to secure the support of volunteers and contributors. In most cases, facts and figures have already been spelled out.

But what makes the difference between getting a yes or a no? The answer isn’t mysterious, but it also isn’t easy to execute.

Both volunteers and contributors need to feel moved to act, to get it deep in their bones why the organization’s mission merits investing their resources. A strong emotional appeal strengthens an organization’s chances to rise above the crowd and gain the attention, respect and support it deserves.

Andrea coaches nonprofit professionals to tell their organization’s story with skill, persuasiveness and confidence. Her performance coaching programs set in motion the emotions that drive action.

Contact Andrea for individual coaching to refine your story so you will feel more confident, comfortable and ready to go!

“Andrea’s focused and personalized coaching helped me learn to tell stories with greater clarity and visual impact. I learned to paint pictures with my words, gestures and facial expressions.”

Cindie Hubiak, CPA
President and CEO
Arizona Society of CPAs
Phoenix, Arizona



Contact Andrea at
or 602‑769‑3674

“I came away understanding how I could dig deeper into my reservoir of passion and apply it to crafting the speech at hand. Andrea’s coaching gave me the confidence to step well out of my comfort zone and create/deliver stories of meaning both to me and my audiences. My advice? Don’t create a new speech without Andrea’s expert storytelling and performance coaching guaranteed to bring out your authentic voice!”

Barbara McNichol
Barbara McNichol Editorial

“I loved learning how to tell my story in a relatively short period of time by organizing my thoughts and using the speaking tips Andrea shared. Everyone loved my speech and I received tons of compliments! I feel much more confident getting up in front of people. I absolutely recommend Andrea Beaulieu to anyone looking to hit it out of the park!”

– Ben “Tres” Brooks, III
Chairman and CEO
The Brooks Companies

“I came to Andrea looking for a way to improve my storytelling as a speaker. I go that and much more. She has a graceful way of helping you craft your story that gets at the real essence of who you are. The process helped me own my stories on a much deeper level. Andrea is incredibly gifted at formulating concise, funny, yet meaningful stories that will touch the hearts of your listeners.”

Breon Michel, MAPP

“I have been giving inspirational speeches for a few years now, but always knew I could use professional help with my presentation. Andrea’s coaching was just what I needed. Crafting and sharing ‘my story’ was a brand new concept for me and WOW, what a difference it made!”

Gayle Nobel
Author, Breathe, and
Co-Author, It’s All About Attitude

“THANK YOU ANDREA! Your help at NSA was worth a million bucks! I’ll take every one of your speech-coaching tips to heart and will use them in my next presentation. You were awesome for everyone!”

Vicki Mullins
Mullins Creative

“Andrea asks the right questions to help create a simple yet powerful piece. She has a way of getting you to reach deeper within yourself. I have taken a couple of speech classes in college, but none of them compared to Andrea’s workshops. She teaches you how to connect with the audience by finding a universal message that will reach your audience.”

Monique Barrios
Arizona Community Action Assn