Is it time for you to share your truth in a greater way than you have before?

Is it time to make that commitment to yourself – the one you know you want to make? The one that says, “I have something to share and I’m ready to share it?”

Is it time to turn your fear of “fully showing up” into the fuel that moves you through it so you can claim your authority and speak from your heart?

Yes, yes, yes!  But, how?

Fortunately, you’re in the right place. I’m excited to offer this new individual coaching program especially andreafor the exceptional person who wants to really dig in. This is for you if you want to journey into uncharted waters and emerge gloriously, splendidly free to be you in front of your audience.

Because here’s what I know: if you have a message inside of you, it will not disappear no matter how hard you try to ignore it. If you have a passion that wants to be expressed, there is no place you can run and hide. It will be with you until you give it the space and room and opportunity to be heard. If you have a desire to be free of the fear to express yourself, it will stay with you and drive you crazy until you satisfy it.

You might not even be clear about what your message is, but you know you have something to share. That’s because you have a calling. It’s part of why you’re taking up space on this planet. It’s what the world needs, and what you need. It’s your gift.

So what makes it so tough to say yes?

It just might require taking some risks. It just might awaken you to a “you” you’ve never experienced before, and that can feel a little vulnerable. It just might show you how much you have to contribute, and that might mean change.

Yes, it just might show you how amazing, brilliant and powerful you are. That’s why having the right coach to support and guide you as you unleash your shining star is so important.

Maybe you’ve tried other things that haven’t worked. Or, you’ve fallen back into well-worn habits that keep you stuck. That doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Maybe it means it wasn’t your time, or you didn’t have the right support.

Is now your time?

Are you ready to give yourself this gift? To invest in yourself so you can explore and discover and grow?

The Heart & Soul of Speaking

This program is not about being the greatest technical speaker in the world, although technique is certainly part of it and will evolve through your coaching. This program is about stepping into your brilliance so you can contribute to your world in ways you’ve always wanted to, in ways that honor your listeners, ignite their spirit and inspire them to listen to their own hearts and souls.

This program is designed to support you to:

  • Discover your core message  — the thing that makes your heart sing.
  • Express your deepest convictions in ways that truly connect.
  • Share your inner presence and your authentic voice.
  • Claim your authority and make a difference for the people you touch.
  • Be yourself, without fear or shame, in front of an audience.
  • Have outrageous amounts of fun and give your audience permission as well!

Some of what you learn is how to:

  • Focus on what your audience needs to hear and craft your message to inspire confidence, commitment and action.
  • Structure your speech with an attention-grabbing open, powerful content and stories, and an inspiring close.
  • Learn the trade secrets performers use to inspire, uplift and engage.
  • Create a real connection with your audience through creative expression and emotional engagement techniques.
  • Have a conversation with your audience by being yourself on purpose.
  • Find the humor in your stories to delight your audience and enjoy yourself!
  • Know what to do before, during and after your speaking engagement to prepare for and experience success.
  • Balance factual content with the drama of storytelling to amplify your points.
  • Take advantage of powerful “nonverbals” – vocal delivery, eye contact, silence, and use of space – for maximum attention and connection.
  • Understand how to move from the written to the spoken word and create those ever-elusive transitions.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the process of carving a niche and creating something out of nothing! I feel much more confident in all the directions I’m going. I get to stretch myself and see how far I can go!”

– Marie Maddox

Here’s the program:
  • Complete an extensive questionnaire to begin the process of uncovering your core message.
  • Participate in a two-hour consultation with Andrea to go over your questionnaire and develop your personalized plan for the year.
  • Receive 24 hours of individual, in-person or Skype coaching, two-hours per month, for a year.
  • Receive Andrea’s expertise and creative support through content capture and speechwriting.
  • Get feedback and support from Andrea at one of your speaking events (logistics permitting).

Your investment: It is my desire and intention to work with people who truly want to explore and grow, and want to take the steps to do so. Your investment in this program is an investment in yourself. Let’s talk about and how I can support you to create this life-changing experience for you and your au