Do you want to empower your female leaders to become thought leaders in your industry? Increase their influence? Elevate their visibility? Establish their expertise?

LEAP! is a fast-track speaking program for businesswomen who want to make an impact in their industry through public speaking. This is an opportunity to master the art of speaking – a key skill that sets leaders apart. Leaders who make the power choice to improve their speaking skills exponentially increase their ability to spread your message, garner support for your cause, and influence your clients, employees and stakeholders!


The Center for Creative Leadership cites three barriers to women advancing leadership roles: unequal opportunities, a lack of confidence, and glass cliffs – being offered opportunities in no-win situations. The cost? The proportion of women in leadership positions remains at 24 percent globally, denying capable women and their organizations the kind of supportive, effective leadership women bring to the table. Research indicates both male and female employees report feeling more committed and less burned out when they report to a woman leader.

Companies who actively encourage women to become leaders understand how essential it is to create opportunities for women to find their voice and develop the skill and confidence to share it – to become thought leaders. Within the company, and as external representatives, these women thought leaders command respect and garner positive visibility for themselves and their companies. They represent the leading edge and confer that status and integrity onto their companies.

In this program, participants will:

  • Experience the transformation available to be a powerful speaker through the elusive quality of stage presence
  • Uncover their core message—what they want the world to know and why!
  • Learn how to create a real connection with their audience through creative expression and emotional engagement techniques
  • Experience having a conversation with their audience by being themselves on purpose
  • Find the humor in their stories to delight their audience and enjoy themselves
  • Take advantage of powerful nonverbal communication – vocal delivery, eye contact, silence, and use of space – for maximum attention and connection
  • Gain mindset tools they can use to center and focus, and create rapport with their audience.

“I discovered I truly do have something to share with the world! I loved finding and sharing my core message with confidence. And now I’m able to turn the nerves into excitement and focus on my audience. Putting my amygdala in check has been enormously helpful!”

Desi Whitney
Senior Vice President
HPN Global

Here’s the program:

Six, three-hour, live group coaching sessions over six months to include specific mini-courses on various speaking topics. Each group is limited to no more than six participants.

Session 1:
Program intro, icebreaker/get to know you exercise/mini-course, explore your big idea, share and get feedback.

Session 2:
Mini-course, speech development template, share and get feedback.

Session 3:
Mini-course, develop open/close and call to action, share and get feedback.

Session 4:
Mini-course, craft a story using Andrea’s storytelling template, look for humor, slides, share and get feedback.

Session 5:
Mini-course, individual coaching on speech delivery, signature presence, charisma, speaking for video, share and get feedback.

Session 6:
Mini-course, catch-up, final speech, individual coaching, share and get feedback.

“I loved the encouragement, support and safe space Andrea created for me to become vulnerable and tap into myself to create a speech I could be proud of sharing. Her experience was invaluable in teaching me what resonates with audiences and how to be impactful without needing bells and whistles!”

Noelle Cesario
Medical Aesthetician
LifeScape Premier

Mini courses:

  • Your big idea, core message, signature presence
  • Knowing your audience
  • Stage presence — the concept of being “on,” creating rapport, audience engagement, using your physical and emotional presence
  • Nervousness/anxiety and what to do about it
  • Speaking from your authentic voice, enhancing your natural style, moving past your comfort zone
  • Use of stage and speaking tools

Your Investment
Your specific needs and circumstances drive our business arrangement. Determining these begins with a conversation, which is complimentary. In addition to the professional fee, the client pays for any travel and lodging that is necessary.

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or 602‑769‑3674