Three Keys for a Strong Work-From-Home Foundation:
Relevant Routine, Resilient Self Care, Respectful Relationships

A Live, Virtual, Group Leadership Development Program

“I used Andrea’s content to guide a discussion with my team about how working from home was affecting them. My team really appreciated the ‘ask’ and was vocal about their roadblocks. I will incorporate this into every weekly meeting to learn how they are doing and discover what best practices they’ve uncovered.”

~ Mary Holman
Executive Vice President, Director of Private Banking, National Bank of Arizona

Work has changed. Previously, you could check in with your employees and coworkers by walking down the hall, meeting up in the common area, or doing a quick pop-in to get the support you needed. Today, that’s no longer an option for everyone, or for most people.

Working from home is here, and for many, it’s here to stay. While there are some real work-from-home benefits in productivity and informality, many team members feel isolated, frustrated and stressed out by the challenge of creating a sustainable and fulfilling work-from-home foundation.

Many are experiencing:

  • Enjoying work less because everything is serious

  • Feeling disconnected from team members

  • Working long hours and burning out

  • Feeling isolated from limited physical contact with others

  • Struggling to integrate work and home life

  • Finding it difficult to relax and recharge

  • Knowing how and when to ask for help