Three Keys for a Strong Work-From-Home Foundation:
Relevant Routine, Resilient Self Care, Respectful Relationships

A Live, Virtual, Group Leadership Development Program

“I used Andrea’s content to guide a discussion with my team about how working from home was affecting them. My team really appreciated the ‘ask’ and was vocal about their roadblocks. I will incorporate this into every weekly meeting to learn how they are doing and discover what best practices they’ve uncovered.”

~ Mary Holman
Executive Vice President, Director of Private Banking, National Bank of Arizona

Work has changed. Previously, you could check in with your employees and coworkers by walking down the hall, meeting up in the common area, or doing a quick pop-in to get the support you needed. Today, that’s no longer an option for everyone, or for most people.

Working from home is here, and for many, it’s here to stay. While there are some real work-from-home benefits in productivity and informality, many team members feel isolated, frustrated and stressed out by the challenge of creating a sustainable and fulfilling work-from-home foundation.

Many are experiencing:

  • Enjoying work less because everything is serious

  • Feeling disconnected from team members

  • Working long hours and burning out

  • Feeling isolated from limited physical contact with others

  • Struggling to integrate work and home life

  • Finding it difficult to relax and recharge

  • Knowing how and when to ask for help

Working from home does not only mean a change of location. It means a change in how you view yourself, how you connect with your co-workers, family, friends and business partners, and how you manage yourself while experiencing the uncertainty of new challenges.

Now that the newness has worn off and team members have created at least some semblance of a structured work life, many now are realizing this might not be temporary. The real work of change has begun and it requires building the routine, resilience and relationship skills necessary to thrive in this environment.

The significance of this change cannot be underestimated.

One survey found that 45 percent of workers reported being burned out by increased workload, juggling personal and professional life and a lack of support from their employer. ~ Bloomberg QuickTake, July 17, 2020

It’s not enough to read an article or watch a webinar to move through this change. Live coaching and group support reduce confusion, stress and uncertainty and promote hope, confidence and relief.

“Large numbers of people have been forced to work from home versus working from an office. Most were thrown into the stay-home pool without swimming lessons. People I coach can benefit from things I learned in this program. In addition to being timely, the material also had excellent learning content I found to be applicable.”

~ Wally Graham,
Executive Coach

Three Keys for a Strong Work-From-Home Foundation: Relevant Routine, Resilient Self Care, Respectful Relationships

I’ve spent more than three decades working from home through numerous business, personal and technology changes. I’ve navigated the mindset, practical and relationship requirements necessary to thrive and have developed the communication, coaching and training skills needed to guide others going through this.

This program is a great fit for your organization if you want to:

  • Give your team members a structured, safe environment to explore how to make working from home work for them
  • Support the health and well-being of your team members to thrive by providing specific tips and tools
  • Assist your team members in navigating the work-life balance equation
  • Provide individual coaching and group support to create a practical work-from-home foundation that enables them to do their best
  • Lessen disconnection through experiencing empathy, kindness and consideration for their common experiences

Interested? Contact me at or 602-769-3674.

I strongly believe developing the mindset and skills to work from home is not a one-and-done. It happens in stages. Once you get past certain challenges, new ones arise. The most important part of this is learning how to be intentional about what you want to experience, meeting your needs, and creating mutually supportive relationships with those you work and live with.

Here’s the program:

  • Four 45-minute, live, virtual group sessions over four weeks, focused on creating a foundation of individual structure/routine requirements, resilience tools, and relationship communication practices
  • Interactive opportunities through breakout rooms, polling and group work to engage participants and promote new ideas
  • A worksheet to anchor ideas and insights and create their work-from-home foundation
  • A comprehensive list of tips and techniques
  • A 30-day mentoring window following the program
  • Group and individual coaching opportunities

This program can be adjusted to meet your needs for additional support. Choose from:

  • Four-part program only
  • Four-part program coupled with follow-up group coaching
  • Four-part program coupled with individual coaching

For options in group format and fees, please contact Andrea at or 602-769-3674.

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