Every speaker I know dreads this question because it is usually followed by some comment about how your speech or presentation fell short of that person’s expectations — how your opinion is misinformed or plain wrong, or that they don’t like the story you told, or one of my favorites from years past, “my, you looked nervous! Sometimes the information is delivered with kindness. Other times, I swear, people just like to one-up the speaker. The attitude seems to be that if you’re on the platform, all’s fair. Whether you agree with this or not, as a speaker, there are things you can do to handle these kinds of reactions because it’s probable that at some point you will experience them. This is not a reflection on you, but it can make a difference in the experience for you and the audience, and your self-confidence.  In this video, I offer some tips on how to meet these comments with grace and humility. Enjoy!