audienceIf So, You Could Be a Caregiver, Creator or Ruler!

“Archetypes are the ‘software’ of the psyche.”Margaret Mark and Carol S. Pearson, The Hero and The Outlaw

Today, I’m introducing you to three more archetypes — those purveyors of meaning that transcend any differences we might have in experience, country or culture.

With the uncertainty of life overall, and particularly now, in a world that changes day to day, hour to hour, and minute to minute, a brand that can show us how to keep order and provide stability can be very useful.

People attracted to these archetypes want structure. They may have an increased awareness of the vulnerability we humans experience, and desire a way to bring safety, sturdiness, or a sense of permanence amidst impermanence. Predictability is a highly prized quality.

The Caregiver: Also known as the caretaker, altruist, saint, parent, helper or supporter, the caregiver fears selfishness and ingratitude and wants to help others and protect them from harm.

The Creator: Also known as the artist, innovator, inventor, musician, writer or dreamer, the creator fears having a mediocre vision or execution and wants to create something of enduring value.

The Ruler: Also known as the boss, leader, aristocrat, politician, role model or administrator, the ruler fears chaos and being overthrown, and desires control to create a prosperous, successful family, company or community.

To begin the journey to discover your archetype, reflect on these questions:

  • How does your tribe hold you in their hearts and minds?
  • How do you want them to?
  • What do you notice about what you do and how you do it that could lead you to your archetype?

Aligning with an archetype is a powerful move. Incorporating it into your brand establishes you authentically in the hearts and minds of your community. And it feels good, because it represents your values and the difference you make.

I’m privileged to work with individuals and organizations to discover their brand archetype and bring their brand to life through their messaging. I’d love to help you! Email me here for more info.