I just got off the phone with a wonderful client. We were doing a review — what he has gained, what he needs now, and what he might change about the process. That’s when he shared something with me I’ve been struggling to communicate to potential clients — that getting clear with your message, and comfortable delivering it, takes a commitment of time and energy. Sometimes lots of it.
Off the coast of Santa Barbara, I watched in
awe as this whale greeted me — another one
of those birthday celebrations! Seeing a whale
in his natural habitat has been a dream of
mine for years. It took time and patience to
get there, but it was so worth it. 
He initially came to me for stage fright. Speech development was a secondary consideration. He told me he was skeptical in the beginning, especially about the whole storytelling thing. It wasn’t until he experienced how professional preparation helped him make a quantum leap in his ability to share his knowledge that he really understood.
True, that.
So, what did he experience that was so powerful? What did he learn that gave him that quantum leap so now he feels he can get in front of any industry audience?
1. Make your content crystal clear and unchallengeable. This takes time. It’s essential to make sure you are completely secure with the information you are delivering — that it’s your best. Not only can you then feel proud of it, you will be more comfortable.
2. Go through the process of scripting it out so you are saying exactly what you want to say, especially if you’re a beginner. You have to get your draft right for you. Put it in your own words. Know where you’re going because if you get lost at one point, you’re going to be behind and that’s not good! Most people are not good winging it. Once you know your script, you can use an outline if you want to.
3. Have perspective. Whatever happens, it’s not the end of the world. You’re still you. Life doesn’t end.
4. It’s okay if you’re a little nervous, because in that moment, that’s you, and your audience will know you’re the real deal.
5. Stories are good. The best speakers tell stories, and now, so does he.
I’m thrilled for his results. I’m most thrilled that stage fright no longer owns him. He made the commitment, gained the techniques, and he is working with them. He focused on the work and is getting results.
No matter how many birthdays we’ve had, or will have, when we focus on the contribution we’re making to the people in our lives, and to our world, well, that makes those birthdays okay. When we focus on the work to create the best speech, story, presentation or brand message we can, in alignment with our authentic voice, we have the best chance for success.
If you’d like to take that quantum leap, I’d love to support you. Let’s talk. Andrea@AndreaBeaulieu.com