Let me explain . . .

What I mean is . . .

Here’s an example of . . .

These phrases are often the openings we use to launch into a story that will help us explain, teach, or illuminate a point we want to make.

Perhaps we want to explain our behavior or ask for different behavior. Perhaps we want to provide context to a decision.

Whatever we want, using a story to communicate your message will translate into greater attention, retention and action. It will make it matter.

Think about it. When you listen to a story, don’t you listen differently? Especially if it’s well told with a beginning, middle and end, and has some entertainment value thrown in? Don’t you settle into an open, happy space? Stories are so easy to understand, and because we imagine ourselves in the action, we can more readily see how the point of the story can impact our own lives. Stories are just too good to ignore That’s why all the greatest speakers have used them to engage, educate and inspire.

Click on this video to learn more about how stories can empower you to make your message matter!


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Make your message matter with a story!