We are human beings. We grow, change, stretch, retreat, change our circumstances, and even change our beliefs and ideas over time. This is the process of life. So, what happens when your reputation is stuck in some past incarnation? Or, perhaps you haven’t kept up with your own growth and are mired in a dusty, now-defunct idea of yourself? That’s when your personal brand might need some refreshing, refurbishing or rebooting.

My personal brand has evolved over the years. I’ve refreshed it numerous times to reflect my growth, new interests, and the market. It’s both a wonderfully creative process, and a downright scary one at times, because it’s both meaningful and consequential.

As a culture, we tend to want to fix people in time. This is who you are and what you do! It makes it easier for us, but it doesn’t always serve the individual – you – or the world at large. That’s why we do this purposefully.

To be successful, your personal brand must be a reflection of, and congruent with, your core values, your personality, and your abilities and talents. Authenticity is the key because your personal brand isn’t something you craft – it’s something you discover and bring to life. It’s like your signature – authentically yours and uniquely expressed! It’s the culmination of your experience and the wisdom you’ve gained. It’s you, communicated mindfully and creatively in the world. How you are perceived will make a huge difference in your ability to create the business, career and life you desire.

To decide whether you need to refresh, refurbish or reboot your personal brand, ponder these questions:

  • If you could choose one word to represent your personal brand, what would it be?
  • What gives you the greatest delight and how do you share that?
  • How are you using your talents, especially for the benefit of others?
  • Who or what inspires you? What values does this represent?
  • What contribution do you dream of making to others?
  • How would you describe your personal brand?
  • If there were a documentary film about your personal brand, what would it be called? What would the plot be?
  • Do you have a clear vision of how you want to contribute and how you are showing up?
  • If you work for an organization, how would your employer, your co-workers and your community members describe you, and does that align with what you know to be true?
  • If you work independently, how do your potential clients know what it would be like to work with you? What is your go-to skill? How do you support their efforts?
  • How do you make the world a better place?

When you look at your answers, does your personal brand reflect who you are now or is it time to refresh, refurbish or reboot? Ask a couple of others who have your best interests at heart what their perceptions are. This can be quite eye opening. If you need to make changes, the good news is you can, whether that means changing the way you communicate, or updating your online profiles.

This can be one of the most liberating, enlivening and enjoyable experiences of your life. If you’d like support, please contact me at Andrea@AndreaBeaulieu.com.

Image courtesy of Unsplash Alexander Solodukhin