Presence! Speakers: Acting Techniques That Will Make You A Rock Star!

Presence! Speakers: Acting Techniques That Will Make You A Rock Star!

“You want me to what?” That’s sometimes the response clients exclaim when I ask them to break out their inner actor on the platform. Let’s face it — when you’re on the platform, you are on, and it’s essential to step up your game.

If you don’t, out come the cell phones and there you go.

As someone who has been on the stage for more years than I want to acknowledge, I’ve learned how to help my clients use acting techniques to engage their audience and have more fun!

Here’s what I know: acting techniques can transform “okay” speakers into rock stars.

Here are a few must-do techniques to incorporate into your next presentation:

* Personalize your stories. Whether the story is about you or someone else, put yourself into the main character’s shoes. Feel the emotions and let your audience watch. But, you ask, what if you’ve never had the experience yourself? Think of a similar experience you’ve had that elicited the same emotion. Have that in mind while you’re telling your story. You will share an honest emotion and help your audience engage with you. Make the story yours.

* Be yourself, but a bigger version of yourself. Take the temperature up. This is critical when you are on a stage speaking to hundreds or thousands, and a welcome value-add no matter what the size of your audience. Again, be authentic, but make your gestures bigger, bring greater variety into your voice, use your facial features to amplify your message. You’re on stage — play the part!

* Be present to your audience and respond to what’s happening moment to moment. Yes, know your speech. Know where you’re going. Know your stories. And, be ready to react to what your audience says or does. This is part of the fun and your audience will love it!

Acting techniques raise your profile, your value, and your audience’s enjoyment. Speaking well is show biz, after all, so have fun and break a leg!

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