Go online and you’ll find more information on how to speak than you could possibly consume in a lifetime! How do you decide what to believe?

The greatest teachings are universal. This holds true for speaking as well. When you’re looking for advice on how to present at your next meeting, or how to be a great speaker, look for the source that offers you wisdom that will hold steady in any speaking situation.

For instance, consider these universal truths:
• For every choice there is a consequence.
• Everything is impermanent.
• Everyone is connected.

Do you doubt these? It’s not possible, because they are true. They are also simple. There’s not a lot to figure out, and they are still true no matter time, distance or circumstance.

These truths also apply to speaking.

For every choice you make as a speaker, there is a consequence. If you choose to go into a presentation unprepared, you will experience the results of that choice, and so will your audience. What choices will you make knowing this to be true?

That speaking gig only comes once and so is impermanent. Even if you speak to the same audience again, it will be different because you will be different and so will your audience. How will you treat this opportunity knowing this to be true?

Everyone is connected. You are energetically connected to your audience and they to you. That connection exists whether you recognize it or not. Becoming aware of that connection gives you the option in how to express yourself. How will you use this knowledge when you next speak?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the latest shiny object — to think you’re missing out if you don’t take advantage of every new idea that lands in your inbox. But we all know that will only leave you exhausted and empty.

Look for those universal, simple truths to guide your approach to speaking and life. You’ll be well served. If I can support you, I’d love to! I can be reached at Andrea@AndreaBeaulieu.com.