I attended a workshop recently on luxury branding that asked me to consider my highest perceived value in reference to my business of speaking, story performance and presentation skills coaching.


The purpose of this exercise was to identify how you really serve others, not only how you think you do, so you can share that information in your sales, marketing, and business or fundraising development activities. As a long-time public relations and marketing professional, I saw this as a valuable exercise, and one I hadn’t done deliberately for awhile, so I took it on.

I wanted to get some objective feedback, so I asked one of my clients to share her ideas with me. I also put the question on my evaluation form and received some additional input. While my client’s answer didn’t completely surprise me, the words she used, and the power and conviction behind her words, did. I felt it in a way I hadn’t really felt it before. Not only did this help me understand more completely and deeply the value I brought to her, it also helped me see my work in a bigger and deeper light. This will only improve the way I can support others and how I communicate this.

So, how would you answer this question about the work you do? What is your highest perceived value? What is the highest perceived value of the work your organization does? Asking this question will help you to zero in on how you really serve your clients, your community and your world. And in my view, how you can better serve your own highest good. Once you know this, incorporate it into your presentations, your speeches and your written materials. Make it known so the people who need your services can find you.

You might be curious about what my clients said. One remark I received off an evaluation form was, “I felt less nervous.” That’s a good thing! The client I asked personally gave her permission for me to share this with you:

“What I have gained from your coaching is that leaders must communicate effectively in order to inspire others. You can have the right words but if the delivery is weak, your message is lost. You can have a good delivery, but use the wrong words. You have taught me to combine the message with a powerful delivery. People who speak with confidence and deliver in a conversational style move others beyond the message itself. You taught me how to keep the listener engaged so they do not ‘tune me out.’ I believe I am seen as a stronger leader now that I have mastered the stage. A great orator matched with authentic actions is unstoppable.” Pam Gaber, CEO, Gabriel’s Angels, Phoenix, AZ

I’m deeply touched and humbled about how our work has impacted her leadership, and it just makes me want to help more.

What is your highest perceived value? Go inside and ask. Meditate. See what your authentic voice shares with you. Then, ask those you’ve worked with. Ask your employees, your clients, your customers, your donors, your volunteers.  You will receive information that can help you understand your purpose and strengths more deeply. And then, you’ll want to do more.

Your Highest Perceived Value