losing yourselfCounterintuitive Counsel to Take You to the Next Level of Speaking.

Can you imagine how losing yourself could make you a better speaker? What does that even mean?

I coach people from all walks of life on how to bring their messages to life. How to become powerful speakers. How to fulfill their dreams of sharing their messages with the world. Fundamentally, I coach them to be purposeful – know who you are, know what you want to say, prepare your presentation, and then spend hours rehearsing it until you are so comfortable with it you could deliver it in your sleep.

What part of that has to do with “losing yourself?” “Losing yourself” sounds more like losing your place, or losing control, or losing your audience. This sounds counterintuitive to everything I preach, doesn’t it?

Au contraire. Actually, “losing yourself” is one of the most powerful, riveting and emotionally engaging things you can do as a speaker.

To learn what I mean, click on this three-minute video and enjoy!


Image by: Hartwig HKD