What The Three Billy Goats Gruff Can Teach Us About Confronting Fear.

fearThe folktale, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, is a wonderful metaphor on how to confront and rid yourself of fear. Because it is such a treasured folk tale, I am sharing it as part of this article to illustrate the number one way to be victorious over fear, whatever your situation.

I’m not talking about something life threatening. I’m talking about those uncomfortable, scared, nervous, or downright terrified feelings that often show up when we’re doing something new, and for many of my clients, speaking in public.

Clearly, fear is not our enemy. It’s there to warn us. It’s trying to let you know something could be a threat. The part of your brain that perceives the threat isn’t distinguishing between a “real” threat to your physical being and an emotional threat based on your perceptions. It just wants you to know that something is happening you need to be aware of.

Maybe you’ve tried just letting go of the fear, or pretending it doesn’t exist. Those haven’t worked for me, and I’m guessing they haven’t worked for you. There is something you can do.

To learn the number one way to rid yourself of fear, click on this video and enjoy!


Image By: jridgewayphotography