Learn Three Lessons From Lincoln on How Stories Can Help You Focus and Persuade.

abraham-lincolnAbout a year ago, Stephen Spielberg released the film, Lincoln. Did you see it? If you didn’t, I suggest you check your home movie listings and put it on your calendar. Not only is it a powerful movie about the passage of the 13th Amendment, it is a compelling argument for the power of stories.

Steven Spielberg exercises his incredible storytelling skills to draw us into this movie, and show us how we too can use storytelling to draw in our audiences. And, before watching this film, I didn’t know Lincoln regularly employed stories to encourage understanding, to persuade powerful people to his point of view (whew – lots of alliteration there!), and to amuse himself and his listeners (a welcome relief to some!). He told stories to lighten the mood. He told stories to make his points. He told stories to reach into the hearts of his constituents and change them during one of the most contentious and pivotal times in the history of the United States.

In this video, I share three lessons we can take from the movie Lincoln, and from Lincoln himself, on the power of stories to focus and persuade.


image by: roxweb