Leadership is a big topic, and for some, mindboggling!

your-story-leaderIsn’t it true? We have so much energy and opinion wrapped up in what a leader is, how people are leading, what they should do, and on and on. To me, bottom line, leadership is an inside job. We lead best when we lead from our authentic selves because that is when we are fully alive and can have the greatest impact. That’s when we are most believable, and most trustworthy.

Do you ever question whether or not you’re in the right profession, or on the right board of directors, or living your purpose? I think we all wonder from time to time, “Am I living the best expression of my gifts, talents and expertise? Am I doing what I’m here to do?”

That’s where your story comes in. By delving into your personal experiences, looking for that authentic story thread, you can discover your authentic leader story. You can connect the dots. You can discover your “why.” And, when you understand your “why,” you can connect more powerfully with others. Your authentic leader story is what has inspired and motivated you to lead. Knowing what this story is, and sharing it, can help you engage others more deeply, and support them to discover their own authentic leader story. Your leadership takes on a level of authenticity and service that may have been missing. You become a true spokesperson and advocate for your cause.

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, shared his authentic leader story over and over again. He shared his journey from being a college dropout to founding the phenomenon called Apple. He talked specifically about connecting the dots through his life experience to his “why,” and he inspired millions.

We all have an authentic leader story. To hear more about how to find yours, click on this video.

Image by: Tantek Çelik