How to find your special magic to engage your audience.

authentic-voiceWhen I ask my clients what success looks like to them, this is what I often hear: “I want to engage my audience. I want to see interest in their eyes. I want them to hang on my every word. I want to make sure I’m connecting, and that they are excited about what I’m saying.”

Yes! This is what we want, whether we’re speaking to a group or one-on-one, or through our materials or website. We want to make that connection.

Then they ask the obvious question – how do I do this?

This, my friends, is the work. This is the work of becoming a powerful, compelling, masterful speaker and communicator. This is the fine art and craft of attention and artistry.

So many obvious, and not-so-obvious, nuances and skills come together when you’re creating your work. As Ira Glass, host of the acclaimed radio show, This American Life, has stated so eloquently, “you most certainly have the taste, but it can and often does take years to gain that special thing that is yours.”

It takes awhile to find your authentic voice.

After years on my own journey, and working with hundreds of others, I can say this:
Learning to speak from your authentic voice involves exploring and mastering these three pillars: presence, message and impact.

Each one of these pillars is an essential component to crafting and sharing your story. Through a process of  creating, editing, sharing, revising, feeling good, not feeling good, trying again, experiencing success – you find your voice. The authentic voice that is you.

I can imagine all kinds of thoughts going through your brain. Years — really? I have to give a presentation next week! Yes, of course. We do have practical considerations. And, who knows what this process will be for you? What I do know is, it always takes longer than we think. Still, if each time you create a presentation, or write your next blog, or craft your next workshop, you ask yourself one question, you will be on the path to finding your authentic voice.

That question is: If I only had this moment to share the most important thing I know, what would that be?

And then find a way to work that into your presentation. Find a way to begin to share your voice. When you do, your presentations will begin to take on a life and vibrancy that can’t help but engage your audience. Their eyes will light up. They will hang on your every word, because you are shining your light. And we all want to be part of that!

If you’ve always wanted to create your signature speech, or book, or blog, don’t wait! Begin today. Take it step by step. If you don’t know how to get started or are facing a challenge, get support. Don’t let that stop you.

The point is, find your voice and give your gift. Share your special magic.

Over the next several issues of Presence, Create. Inspire. Serve!, and this blog, I will share more on these three pillars, and answer questions I’ve been asked related to them. In the meantime, consider that question each time you choose to share your knowledge, expertise and wisdom. I can’t wait to hear from you!