hands2Better Yet, What Do I Definitely Not Do With My Hands?

It’s funny. When we’re with our friends talking, or with the family at the dinner table having a conversation, do we ever wonder what to do with our hands? I don’t. Do you? And yet, it’s one of the most common concerns people have when they speak. What do I do with my hands? Actually, what do I do with any kind of movement?

You don’t want to look stilted,and you don’t want to flail! Sometimes it can all feel so awkward.

Moving while you speak is natural. It’s what we do. Everyone moves at least a little bit, some more than others. It actually looks very odd if someone stands like a statue when they speak.

Which leads me to answer what you definitely don’t do with your hands: nothing. Don’t do nothing. Do something!

The questions become: When do you move? How do you move? And, do you move at all? The answer to all these questions is… it depends.

Movement is a powerful tool to express ourselves. We can often communicate more with our facial expressions and body language than we can with our words. So, it’s not whether or not to move. It is to be purposeful with your movement. Authentically purposeful.

For more on this, click the image below to watch the video.

Image: by Ulrich Schnell