I like making the unconscious conscious because the unconscious is where most creative ideas live.

So, it makes sense I would LOVE finding a tool that helps me discover those creative ideas with and for my clients, and put those ideas into a tangible, practical expression of their brand.

The tool I discovered is archetypal branding — the process of identifying which archetype is most aligned with your brand and consciously using the images and words associated with that archetype. Archetypes like the hero, the jester, the caregiver and the magician, to name a few, are found throughout the world, and because we grow up understanding what they represent, we are naturally drawn to those with which we feel at home.

archetypal-brandYour archetypal brand is an overarching,
organic representation of what you stand
for that calls forth your natural tribe.

Take for example, Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s would represent the “explorer” brand. The explorer seeks a better world — one that is congruent with his or her inner needs and values. The same could be said of Starbucks, which brings a real sense of adventure with it. Explorer brands give one a feeling of wide-open spaces and cater to the quest for individualism. If this is important to you, you are likely to frequent these businesses because they speak your language.

By asking questions to discover your archetypal brand, you start to uncover your “je ne sais quoi” — your ways of being, serving, playing and working that are uniquely and specially yours. Here are three questions to get started:

1. Who created your organization and what core values are represented?

2. How are these core values brought to life specifically in the way your clients use your product or service — how are your values “grounded” in what you deliver?

3. Are those who provide a similar kind of service or product aligning with a particular archetype, and if so, what is it and how well are they doing it?

These three questions will start you on the journey of finding your brand soul, substance and competitive leverage, and discovering your own “je ne sais quoi.”

Enjoy the journey!