It’s time. The knowledge is there. The skills are there. Your employee may even already be in the position with the responsibility and the opportunity. You have the sense this person is perfect for this role and has the potential to be a superstar!

There’s just one hitch. You’re noticing some communication issues that need to be addressed now. To really succeed, and bring the value to your organization you know is possible, you need to help this next stage leader step into a whole new level of presentation, and representation.

Okay. But, how? How do you support your team member to move into the next stage of leadership?

The Stage Is Yours!

andreaOver the past many years, I’ve worked with numerous mid-level employees who’ve contacted me personally for coaching support. They are fantastic at what they do, yet knew they had some gaps in their presentation and communication skills that were holding them back. Perhaps the very gaps you’ve noticed in your employees.

From this experience, I’ve developed this new live group coaching program to address the real-world skills they need to move them into their next stage.

Here’s the program:

You can choose to engage this program one topic at a time, or as a package of all three. Each topic is covered in two, two-hour live coaching sessions with a Q&A phone session in between, over the course of a month.

Here are the topics:

1. How to Become a Speaker Who Commands Attention and Respect!

  • Organize your speech based on your audience, purpose and the five elements
  • Learn how to engage your audience with emotional engagement and creative expression techniques
  • Understand the nature of stage fright and create your stage free practice

2. How to Run a First Class, Engaged Meeting That Gets Things Done!

  • The fundamentals – creating structure, staying on time, setting up the room
  • Engage participants – create space for real interactions
  • Deal with disruptions and distractions and extend the impact

3. How to Communicate with Respect, Clarity and Skill!

  • Understand your communication intention and style
  • The drama triangle – how you get in and how to get out!
  • Communicate through conflict

“My paramount goal was to be able to speak without nervousness. If you’re afraid to speak, you’re only partly living. You’re not sharing. I compare that to working as an architect and never passing your licensing exam – it’s up there. After working with Andrea, now I can do that. Andrea makes people feel comfortable so it’s easier to delve into it. She also taught me quick techniques to pull my speech together and say it in my own words – that’s important to me. Now I’m much more engaged with everyone around me.”

– Clint Miller
Architect AIA

I’ve coached and trained thousands of people to tell their story, develop their presentations and deliver their speeches powerfully from their authentic voice. I’ve coached clients to become effective communicators one-on-one and in meetings.

I’ve noticed the people who progress have something in common: they are motivated. They want to learn. They want to contribute. They want their employers to be proud of them and they want to receive the rewards for a job well done. They recognize, and are open and excited, to work on themselves and their skills. They are willing to face any challenges because they want to grow.

The people who’ve contacted me took the initiative because they were willing to make the investment in themselves. Some were hesitant to tell their employers because they didn’t want to appear unqualified (like not wanting to ask questions because you don’t want to appear ignorant!). Others had stage fright and didn’t want to admit it. Still, they knew, no matter how good they were at their jobs, if they couldn’t “sell” it, it wouldn’t happen for them or their organizations.

In this new live group coaching program, in addition to individual skill building, they benefit from the powerful dynamic that happens when a group of committed people learn and grow together.

Here’s what I love: each group is limited to no more than eight participants. I want to make sure your team member(s) gets a significant amount of individual attention and group support.

I’m doing my best to make this a no-brainer decision because I love working with people individually and in groups, and I’d love to help you enhance your team’s authentic leadership communication chops!

About Andrea — Why Am I Teaching This?

andrea-headshotFor the past decade, I’ve been coaching C-level executives, nonprofit leaders, professional speakers, entrepreneurs, authors, corporate directors, sales professionals, university professors and students – people from varied professions and walks of life. They come to me to learn how to speak, do presentations and communicate more effectively.

Most often, when they hire me, they’ve reached a point in their careers when they need to go to the next level and they don’t know how to get there. Their success — even their jobs — depends on it. What I’ve learned is that knowing how to present your ideas clearly, with conviction and enthusiasm, is no longer optional. It’s essential.

I didn’t learn how to do any of this from a book (though I’ve read a zillion of them). I’ve walked this path as a coach, professional speaker and p