I met a client for coffee the other morning. After much conversation about how great the cannelloni and curry chicken are at our favorite restaurants, and some talk about training practices, I asked him how his speaking was going. His answer was delicious! He shared he was surprised at how what he’d discovered in our coaching sessions helped others see him as more “relevant.”
He added, “I shared a quick story with a client and he really understood the relevance of what I was talking about, and how excited I am about the work. It really made a difference in how he perceived me.”
Frank Lloyd Wright knew something about discovery and relevance. No doubt, he was listening to his creative authentic voice!
Like I said, delicious. He discovered himself — his core message and unique presentation style — and can now present his ideas so his listener gets it.
Tomes have been written about how to “find yourself.” I think I’ve read all of them (just kidding — maybe not allof them!). That’s not really what I’m sharing here. Instead, I’m presenting seven practices you can use to engage your creative authentic voice. With these practices, you can discover you!
1. Get into the present moment. Not a new concept these days, but absolutely essential to turning on your discovery process. We need to quiet the chatter in our brains to open to our creative, authentic voice. Focus on your breath while you are doing some gentle breathing. This will help you relax and become present.
2. Know what you want to create or express. What do you want your listener to walk away with? What is your vision? What is at the heart of your life, your life’s work and your message? Why is that essential for your listener to know?
3. Ask yourself how you feel and let yourself feel it. It begins with you. You need to know how you feel about your vision so you can bring that passion to your presentation in a visceral way. if you are confused, your listener will be as well. If you’ve had some bad experiences, it’s time to get honest and feel your feelings or they can hold you back. Once you release them, you will feel relieved!
4. Look at and accept what is. Whatever your vision, your mission, or your message, we have to start from here. We need to acknowledge what is. So, write down everything you know  — the good and the bad — and give it your blessing. If you’re having some challenges with stage fright or you’re not where you want to be, accept it in this moment, without reservation. This could take some reflection and letting go. Find your place of peace.
5. Shift out of normal to experience new possibilities. Get out of your routine physically and mentally. Be open to new ideas, new ways of seeing things, new people, new places, new ways of expressing yourself. Shake things up. Step out of that habitual way of presenting. Let yourself get a little wild! It doesn’t mean you have to use all that craziness — just open up to the possibilities!
6. Pay attention to what happens within and without. Become alert to new ideas, new opportunities and serendipitous moments. If it doesn’t make sense, that’s even better! Adopt a beginner’s mind. Be curious. Creative ideas lead to other creative ideas. The best one isn’t usually the first one. Allow for the unexpected!
7. Move with the energy that brings you joy. Notice what feels right — what feels like you. Now that you’ve moved through the discomfort, are you a little excited? Are you getting some traction? Are you in the flow? That’s how you know it’s the right path for you.
I’ve used these practices for decades and they work! Give them a try and let me know. And if you’d like some support, let’s talk. Andrea@AndreaBeaulieu.com